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Hi there! I just really wanted to create a place where I can express myself and explore some idea’s that I have been tossing around for some time. I saw a video somewhere… probably Facebook about while your failing at being creative or something like that… the sum of it (at least what I took away from the video…) is that you get inspired by someone’s art and try to recreate it and of course it looks terrible (in your mind anyways).

What we fail to get though is that something that inspired you is that other person’s style and their art. Embrace your style, be inspired but know that how it turns out is entirely yours not that other person that you were trying to duplicate. Otherwise you’re just copying them and who wants to be a copy cat? I took that to heart because towards the end of college and my entry into the professional creative world I didn’t feel like I had any original idea’s. I would see something amazing (be totally jealous) and then want to make that but I couldn’t get beyond that original inspiration. I would keep going back to it, trying to make my own project but I would constantly be dissatisfied  with my results… What I was failing to do was take the inspiration and make my own project in my style and skill set. Now I’m not saying just give up and settle not at all! What I’m trying to say is be inspired but understand you have your style and embrace it! Look at all the great’s we study in art history classes; they all did something new or different that was their signature that made them stand apart. Let’s do that for ourselves and run with it!

I’ve taken a long detour from where I thought I would be in my life but I know what I want now and what I enjoy doing. I love movies, writing, art and video games. I want to play with different idea’s involving those medium’s and be more involved with those communities and perhaps it will lead to something more one day…

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