The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles) Discussion

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Hello All!

I haven’t finished this book yet but I’m taking a small break at work and I was just laughing so hard at some of things happening I decided to post. First of all I really like all of Rick Riordan’s books so far (I’ll be going back and re-reading the other series.) but I really like the humor in these books more than the percy jackson and the heroes of olympus series. Spoiler here


Sadie was just in Ba form and came across the God Geb in the sand the line (paraphrasing) ” Well your favors just don’t seem very useful do they” and she promptly stomped her foot totally had me chuckling.

It made me look back on the book so far and there are quite a few moment of awesome one liner’s from the character’s that just make the book that much more enjoyable. It’s making the character’s feel that much more alive to me.

At first the story telling style kind of threw me off when I came from percy jackson but it grew on me quickly. The banter between character’s is quite relate able since I have a younger brother and sister. The making fun of and interrupting each other bits more often than not have me chuckling at my desk and smiling.  Also some of the titles of the chapter’s are hilarious! ” I have a date with the god of toilet paper” “We win all expenses paid trip to death” etc are so cleverly tied to the character’s style. Even though I really enjoyed Rick’s other series I feel more captured by Sadie and Carter’s story than the other books. I’m really looking forward to finish this book and moving onto the others now.

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