Diving into the World of Streaming Gameplay

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I’ve been pondering this idea for awhile to start doing “Let’s Play” and streaming on twitch of my game-play. I have mostly stayed away from it mostly because I’m not that great at video games. I love playing them but I’m very twitchy and die… A LOT! ha! So it’s made me quite nervous about letting other people watch me play. However, I think I have enough back bone to deal with the internet trolls and hopefully people can just enjoy me failing over and over… I mostly play plat-former, indie’s, RPG, puzzles and recently my first and only FPS Destiny. I’ll be playing mostly on PS4 for now since it has a setup already rearing to go but I’m doing research on how to capture my vita, PS3 and 3DS. I’m an avid trophy hunter so my gameplay (except destiny that is just for fun) will center around trophy collecting. I hope that you find it entertaining or useful or both! Enjoy!

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