So you want a revolution?

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Today is a very enlightening day so far! I went to a creative mornings meeting at the MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Arts) to hear Nancy Lyons give a keynote on this months theme Revolution  and it was totally enlightening. Have you ever had one of those moments where someone says something that you didn’t realize you have been waiting to hear spoken out loud? I had a bombardment of those this morning during her presentation.


The cultural trend of being busy is killing creativity; Busy is not an emotion, FYI.“- and she is right on so many levels. I was just talking to my roommate on my way to work after this amazing morning about allowing ourselves to be happy with our choices and how I have so many great ideas on what I want my job to be and how to get there. Then when I get home I have to cook, do some cleaning and relax and in the end I am too tired to push forward on my ideas. When is enough, enough? When do I stop telling myself I’m doing this for my own good when I’m really doing it because I’m afraid of failing. I’m afraid of taking another leap of faith that will just blow up in my face. Here I am at another desk job because it pays the bills but my inner voice is crying out for freedom. I know in my hearts of hearts this isn’t what I want but it’s hard to push forward when I scared out of my wits to just go for it. I need to stop this and it’s going to be hard; my inner voice isn’t the most uplifting right now but I’ll work on it that’s for sure. I’m tired of giving up!

-“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” (Thomas A. Edison)


“Being truthful, We don’t need permission to speak, to be heard. We think we do but we don’t.” an additional point Nancy Lyons tried bringing to our attention and to be honest and truthful I don’t know exactly what would make me happy job wise… I sometimes think about how awesome it would be to do “let’s play” video’s, have an on line following, get invited to game show expo’s, do interview’s etc etc… Do I want to be a journalist? Is that the answer?… Maybe. I also really enjoy art, movies, tech and behind the scenes of anything that peaks my interest. I have more than once fantasized about getting invited to these events because they want me to be there; would that be awesome?!  So… We’ll see what happens. I’m finding it very stupifying (is that a word other than a spell in Harry Potter?) to stand up and declare “THIS IS MY VOICE HEAR ME ROAR!” when I don’t know what I want or even where to begin… I suppose this as good of a place to start as any right? ha!

“Allow yourself to be happy and find beauty in the world.” again, another excellent point that I didn’t know I was waiting to hear someone say out loud. How often do we look up and notice the beauty in surrounding us? When was the last time you were downtown and looked up at someone and smiled and said “Hello” or even just appreciating the architectural design of the buildings your walking past? If we just take a moment to get out of our own selfish little bubble who knows what we will discover!

” Stop behaving and asking for permission. Open up to adventure. ” I know one thing for sure I am definitely good enough, strong enough and ready!




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