A Handmaid’s Tale

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I am currently reading  A Handmaid’s Tale for a book club. I am surprised I have never heard of this book before but I am glad I am finally reading it. I didn’t read up on the book before buying it so it’s been really weird to take it in blindly. I am kind of liking taking it in blindly though, I don’t have any bias going into it and preconception about the story. It’s very surreal for Offred (the main character) to talk about her life “before ” college, her husband, child and her friend’s (much like the life I am living now) and suddenly be thrown into the christian old testament lifestyle.  I don’t have entire grasp on it yet but I am anxious to keep reading and see where it goes… It’s definitely putting perspective on what women’s lives could have been like before we had the rights that our fore-mothers fought for us not too long ago. Anyway’s I’ll be updating this later as I read more.

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