Comic Book Obsession

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Hello everyone!

I’m excited to write about comic books that I have started reading lately. A little background about this… I was at SDCC (san diego comic-con) this year and I couldn’t believe how little I knew about comics. I have read a graphic novel here and there but to be honest I was so overwhelmed with the history and back logs of comics that I never started reading them on a regular basis. I read a few graphic novels in college but I mostly lived vicariously through my friends knowledge of the super hero universe and became a huge fan. So I really only knew of 3 comic book companies marvel, dc and dark horse. I had no idea what Image was or what they even wrote. Luckily I had a friend who introduced me and the rest is history! I discovered more than one new comic book company and many new things to check out. Thanks to that and a couple friends and secret wards I have jumped all on the comic book train! I look forward to writing about what I’m reading and hopefully one of you out there will comment, be inspired and either read or start a discussion!


Until next time true believers 😉


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